Johannes Jakob

Build Your Online Portfolio

Portfolio Workshop

A well-designed online portfolio is vital to one’s career as a designer. In the spring of 2019, I conducted a four day workshop together with Felix Koppe to give other students the opportunity to create an online portfolio from scratch in the form of a modern, responsive, and fast website.

Felix and I taught the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and the easy-to-use content management system Vapid, gave advice on how to create a basic HTML page structure and manage content, and helped making more complex layouts. Even though the majority of the attendees has never worked with web technologies before, the results were remarkable.

Josefine Bloch’s portfolio
Melanie Scheer’s portfolio

Due to the tight time schedule, we could not publish the websites. We are trying to help the participants with that individually. The following list contains all websites that have been published so far: